Strategies, Accountability, and DIRECT Mentorship to Develop Rock Solid Confidence and Clarity, Master “Selling by Serving”, Become a Content Creation Machine and Build a Tribe That Adores You and Your Work! (WITHOUT Webinars, Funnels, or Paid Ads!)


Strategies, Accountability, and DIRECT Mentorship to Develop Rock Solid Confidence and Clarity, Master “Selling by Serving”, Become a Content Creation Machine and Build a Tribe That Adores You and Your Work! (WITHOUT Webinars, Funnels, or Paid Ads!)


Have you been dreaming about building a THRIVING coaching business, but still find yourself struggling to find clients?

Does it feel like no matter how much you post on social media, people STILL aren't reaching out to work with you?

Do you wonder if all the trainings and certifications you've done are just going to waste because no one is getting to EXPERIENCE your coaching?

And have you been thinking about going back to a corporate job because you just don't have the SYSTEMS in place to build a sustainable coaching business that SUPPORTS you and your family?

If so, I want to share something I'm SUPER proud of!


The Competition-Proof Business Academy (or as some of our graduates like to call it, the "Holy Sh*t I Actually CAN Do This" program) is a live, DONE-WITH-YOU 90-day online business accelerator for coaches who want to create MASSIVE impact in the world!  

This LIVE, guided, transformational adventure is the more affordable remix of our flagship program, The Competition-Proof Business Immersion, and includes:

  • Lifetime Access (including future updates) to exclusive video content teaching you our "Business UNusual System" to create a Competition-Proof Coaching Business!
  • 1:1 coaching and mentoring on our weekly live group coaching calls with our head coach Tania!
  • 1:1 coaching and mentoring on our monthly live group coaching calls with me!
  • All my best systems and frameworks for creating captivating content that speaks to your tribe!
  • Sales scripts, mindsets, and objection handling strategies to turn you into a MASTER of sales and enrollment!
  • Extra accountability and support via peer coaching inside this super intimate group (typically no more than 20-30 people so you never get lost in a huge sea of people)!
  • PLUS a private Facebook community with a dedicated community manager so you can connect with your fellow SOUL FAM coaches and get all the support and feedback you need!
  • BONUS: Daily mini-trainings delivered to your inbox every weekday during the program to start your day inspired and ready to take purposeful action!

Oh and one note about our Facebook group...this is NOT your grandma's Facebook group. There's nothing worse than being part of a Facebook community where you ask a question or share something vulnerable and then NEVER get a response to your post! Not up in here! We're committed to responding to EVERY post inside the group so you never get stranded in need of support!

This isn’t some ‘here-is-your-login-to-some-videos-now-good-luck-figuring-it-all-out-on-your-own’ type of program. 

You will never be left out in the cold, fingers crossed and praying you can make it all work. That’s why we have included DIRECT support, guidance and mentorship to make sure you get the maximum benefit from this experience.

To make sure that happens, each and every week for 3 months, you will receive LIVE weekly group coaching calls with our head coach, Tania, as well as additional monthly group Q&A calls with me personally to help you address every possible component of building a Competition-Proof Coaching Business. 

The Competition-Proof Business Academy video modules supplement these live coaching calls, so you know EXACTLY what to be focusing on at every step of the journey.  

Hear what some of our graduates are saying about The Competition-Proof Business Academy (formerly known as The BUS)


"I went from having 2 small-paid clients to 7 full-paid clients. I delivered two workshops. I know what's going on with my social media. The biggest thing for me is honestly my confidence. It's been life-changing in the sense of I really feel like I've turned pro. I'm really proud of the work I'm able to offer the world, because I'm clear."

PILLAR 0: Tune Up In Pillar 0, we start with the most important part of your entire business - YOU! We're going to teach you the tools for stepping into self-leadership, show you how to "Un-Serious-ize" your mind, put your motivation on speed dial, and get rid of any resistance for good! 

PILLAR 1: Turning Pro In Pillar 1, we’re going to create your unique system in your business. We're going to identify your transformation story and turn that into an offering for your ideal clients. We'll also dive into enrollment conversations and learn how to sell in a way that feels natural and in service. 

PILLAR 2: Your Teachings In this pillar, we're going to uncover your message and learn how to share that confidently with others. We'll reveal the simple content creation methods we use in order to generate a never-ending supply of content and position ourselves as the obvious choice in our ideal clients' minds.  

PILLAR 3: Your Tribe In Pillar 3, we're going to learn how to build a community of people who love what you do and are ready to work with you. We'll uncover the strategies behind running successful live video broadcasts, how to leverage groups (your own and others), and how to use social media the right way. 

PILLAR 4: Technology Finally, in Pillar 4, we're going to make sense of all the nerdy stuff and take care of all your tech headaches once and for all. We'll learn how to automate social media posting, systematize your calendar bookings, repurpose content, create a group program, and so much more!

PLUS, when you join us inside the program, you'll also get access to these amazing BONUS MODULES, worth more than the cost of the program alone!

  • The Playful Proposal Process
  • How to Always Get Responses from Your Clients
  • Using Killer Content to Fill Your Workshops and Programs
  • How to Come Up with Endless Content Ideas
  • Crafting a Powerful Keynote/Training Framework
  • JG's Masterful Masterclass Webinar Framework
  • How to Repurpose a Pillar Piece of Content
  • How to Create Online Courses That Rock
  • How to Optimize Your Facebook Profile
  • And more! 

  • You may have had some coach training or even a certification, and/or you've been coaching for 1-2 years, but can't quite figure out how to create a sustainable business.

  • You feel lost when it comes to what to post on social media in order to have people coming to YOU for coaching. 

  • You don't know how to create content, let alone what content to create!

  • You want to build a community and position yourself as an authority in your industry, but you don't know how to set yourself apart from your competitors. 

  • You're still not quite sure who it is you serve, how you help them and what offerings you help them through. 

  • You lack the systems to be able to know what to focus on in order to scale your business to the next level. 

  • You don't want building a business to be so damn serious!


"I was able to take away not only the clear, concise message that I wanted to share with the world, but also the way in which I was able to do it. In just the 3 months of the program, I was able to see a 6x return on my investment. I'm booked solid throughout the year, I've brought on 9 more 1-year clients, it continues to grow, and now I'm booking into 2020."


"I was feeling really stuck in my business. I had no plan, it wasn't growing, and I spent a lot of money on business coaching that didn't resonate. Now that I have permission to show up as me, I have generated 11 new clients. This program changed my life and it changed my business."

  • Have all the systems you need in place in order to build a business that's uniquely YOU, including knowing exactly who you serve, how you help them, what services you offer and how they all fit together.

  • Have simple frameworks and methodologies for creating content so that you're never stuck wondering what to post in order to attract your ideal client. 

  • Know exactly what to focus on going forward to continue growing your business to the next level.

  • Wonder why you EVER tried to build a business in a way that didn't feel FUN and in alignment with who you really are!


"I didn't know how to grow my business. I had a few low-paying clients, but I didn't have the confidence to find new clients. I have now more than doubled or tripled my investment in the program. It was basically priceless. Everything's changed. I have clients, I've increased my enrollent by 2-3x, and I longer charge by the hour."

Is this for me if I’m a newbie or just for established coaches?  

BOTH! While some of the exercises may be slightly easier if you've been coaching already, we have had many new coaches go through the program successfully. There's no need to wait before getting the support you need!  

Is there 1:1 support from you?  

YES! In addition to the weekly group calls with our head coach Tania, you also get a monthly group Q&A call with me personally to answer your questions!  

Will I have to use Facebook ads?  

Nope! I'm going to teach you how to grow your audience organically by focusing on building intimacy and trust with your tribe, creating specific kinds of content, and positioning your services in an authentic, service-based way.

What if don't know what content to create or how to create it? Will you teach me?

With pleasure! In fact, Pillar 2 focuses on exactly that, including a framework for creating content that ensures you're never stuck wondering what to post ever again! 

Do you help me develop clarity and confidence to create clients?  

Absolutely! While The Competition-Proof Business Academy is primarily a business building program, we have an entire module focused on mindset. Plus, Pillar 1 is all about creating clarity around your message, who you serve, and how you serve them (your offer). Combine that with our in-depth sales training, and you're all set to create clients!

What if I'm not good at tech stuff?  

No problem! In Pillar 4, we walk you step-by-step through setting up all the different online tools and systems you'll need to successfully build and run your online coaching business. Some of our students have said it's the first time they've been taught this stuff in a way that's easy to understand!

What if I don't have a niche?

You're not alone! Many of our students have come into the program with the same question. And, we walk you through exactly how to "make your niche your biche" so you can focus on showing up and serving your tribe!

Where do I get started??

Right here :)

"All I can say is thank you and I love you! I’ve signed 6 new clients in the past 45 days ($23k booked) and it feels go good! I’ve never felt more relaxed and certain that I can do this and I’m nowhere near done utilizing all the strategies we’ve discussed. JG is a marvelous teacher and he know’s what he’s talking about!"

– Danielle R., Life Coach

"This stuff works!!! I had 3 enrollment conversations yesterday and now have 3 new clients! I now have 5 new clients since joining the program - and I'm so excited. I really leaned into JG's teachings about Enrollment Conversations - and after having some beautiful and powerful coaching conversations with potential clients, the rest felt very authentic and certainly more effortless than it ever has. Sooooo beyond over the moon grateful to Jason Goldberg and all of you awesome possums on this journey with me. Loving this tribe and the whole CPBA ride!" 

– Cindy W., Life Coach / Speaker

”In the first month that I used the systems that JG teaches to build a Competition-Proof Business, I more than TRIPLED my income! I am on FIRE and having a ton of FUN in the process!" 

– Marion M., Life Coach

"I’ve made all my money back and then some from this program and have gone from wondering if I had to go back to a corporate job to now being booked solid! AND I’ve gained my joy and my confidence back. If you join this program, you are going to make the money back 10-fold and you are going to bring the fulfillment back to the career that you love. It’s the best money that I’ve spent, hands down, in the 5 years since I’ve been gone from corporate!" 

– Maria G., Executive Coach

"The financial investment is minuscule compared to the return on that investment. I came into the program with questions about SO many things – how to bring more fun into my business; how to get a clear vision on moving forward with the steps and strategies for approaching people and creating programs in my business – and came out of the program with answers to everything! The change in my business and my life since then has been exponential. I’ve launched my podcast, I’m much more visible and have increased the size of my tribe considerably, I’ve signed several new clients and am launching a new group program that I’m really passionate about! It’s the best business investment I’ve ever made! 

– Susan K., High Performance Coach